Enocean Wireless - Intelligent 24V Thermostat

The Bi-Directional, intelligent thermostat uses wireless communication to provide quick and easy implementation of energy saving HVAC controls. When the thermostat receives an “occupied” signal from a switch or sensor, the user immediately gains full control over the HVAC settings. When the thermostat receives an “unoccupied” signal, it sets the room back to the preset unoccupied temperature. It is designed for use with most basic gas/electric furnace/air conditioning units, PTHP/PTAC systems, 4-pipe, or 2-pipe fan coil systems.

Smart Wireless Intelligent Building Connectivity – Gateways
To enhance the scalability of our wireless products, MES provides critical infrastructure products that either translate data from protocol to protocol, or intelligent “brains” that collect, analyze and control products based upon software driven parameters. While any MES product combination can work stand alone, software or the integration to a BAS, helps to extend and expand the capabilities and utilization of the key building data we provide.